Reo and Mabu ~Together they're Sarazanmai~

Reo and Mabu ~Together they're Sarazanmai~
  • Alternative

    Reo to Mabu ~futari wa Sarazanmai~ ; レオとマブ~ふたりはさらざんまい

  • Author(s)

    Kunihiko ikuhara - ikunirapper

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  • Genre(s)

    Shounen ai - Comedy - Cooking - Fantasy - Romance

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Reo and Mabu ~Together they're Sarazanmai~ Content

Police officers Reo Niiboshi and Akutsu Mabu are stationed at a police box in Asakusa, Tokyo. One day, they find a baby girl lying on top of a plate. Naming the girl "Sara", they decide to raise her together. Protecting the town's peace together, what sweet incidents will they encounter!? Along the way, the pair will overcome obstacles as two men being fathers for a baby, and question the origin of Sara's mysterious magical powers...

Appearing in director Kunihiko Ikuhara's new anime Sarazanmai (starts April 11th 2019), Reo and Mabu's soft daily life is portrayed in this BL spinoff manga!